• Katrina Jaiun Roa

Celebrating Women in Technology

In celebration of International Women's Day, Cebuanas in the tech industry gather for Women Techmakers Cebu 2019 last March 9, 2019 at The Company CEBU. Attendees got to learn from powerful women in the industry who have shared their insights on technology, innovation, design, and start-ups and how it can inspire people to strive in their community. Being an annual event, it was this year that they experienced the biggest attendance yet with a total of 250 attendees, which caused the tickets to be sold-out just a few days before the event. The goal of Women Techmakers was to celebrate International Women's Month by showcasing a series of women in the field of technology. Topics on software development, design, project management, freelancing, start-up communities, and more were discussed on the span from 9:00AM - 6:00PM.

A total attendance of 250 men and women eager to all learn about the tech industry!

The speakers of this event were Gwen Yason, Ren Campanilla, Alvie Balquin, Eve Rose Dalisay Khu, Timmy de Jesus, Frances Marie Teves, Demi Bernice Eslit, and Mary Arrabis Tayo, all who have shared their experience working in the tech industry along with tips on how to make fellow women shine in their fields. Study jam facilitators Franchette Camoro, Shad de la Cruz, and Sean Urgel also gave a lecture on Intro to Cloud Study Jams who helped attendees get their very own Google Cloud Platform Essentials Badge. An elevator business pitch activity also happened where participants were given a chance to present about their business, passion, or anything they wished to share.

(L-R) Frances Marie A. Teves, Ren Campanilla, Alvie Balquin, Gwen Yason, Gracia Tabar Quidet, Demi Bernice Eslit, Mary Grace Arrabis Tayo, Franchette Camoro, and Lorna Bondoc

When being asked about the status of the tech industry in the Philippines, Gwen Yason shares ""In Accenture Philippines, I am quite proud to say we are not that far behind from our global brothers and sisters, so we have headquarters around the globe, with India being our biggest country location. We have a liquid studio in Manila, so that is like our innovation hub, it's an example of how we have those new and immerging technologies. In terms of the ecosystem in Cebu, from what I observed, I agree that Manila, in terms of community building, is a bit more mature. I was so happy with this event because Accenture partners with Women Who Code, I encouraged to partner with ecosystems to lift the women up. Things we do to create a positive change is a good thing. "

Alvie Balquin adds "It's really good, I've been freelancing since 2010 and over the past decade there has been constant improvements. Through the years especially when I was working in the corporate world, I have learned that there are so many small companies, some of them being start-ups. Asides from the skills, attitude is important especially when it is being applied to start-up companies."

Timmy de Jesus giving her talk on the start-up companies.

In terms of the Philippines catching up with the digital age, Demi Bernice Eslit said "Philippines is still a little bit far behind the times, in terms with innovative apps that help make work faster. You also have to search for the trends, because the Philippines is quite late in terms of tech. You have to make connections with businesses abroad so you can be updated."

With women being given recognition as employees, through the years they have definitely proved to be efficient and hardworking in their field, especially in technology. Events like Women Techmakers Cebu definitely gives these women a limelight to show how they can make a difference through tech. This event is co-presented by Accenture and sponsored by Fizzbuzz, Golden Success College, and Payoneer along with their PR partner PR Works. For more information on upcoming Women Techmakers events, follow their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wtm.cebu/.

Photos by Katrina Jaiun Roa


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