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Children’s Paradise Montessori School Goes Green

CPMS (Children’s Paradise Montessori School), founded by Marivic E. Bathan in 2005, is among the many growing Montessori schools in Cebu City that practices an unconventional, non-traditional approach to child education, replacing the classic grade-based and deadline oriented system with a more comprehensive, interactive, skill-reinforcing system that focuses on molding children’s interests and strong points while their desire still burns hot. This revolutionary form of child development has been observed in many European countries and first world nations, and there exists a significant amount of studies and evidence confirming the effectiveness of the non-orthodox teaching method, as an increase in comprehension and intellectual ability among children taught in institutions like these has been steadily observed and analyzed over the years.

The school’s official press conference commenced on March 9 at 10:30 AM in the school’s lecture hall, beginning with opening remarks from the school’s principle, her explanation of her love for children that sparked the growth of their community, and a short introduction and overview of the school’s values, teaching methods, and history. Shortly after, she then introduced the members of the PTA, then a mockup animation of the school’s “masterplan” for the future subsequently followed. " “Our direction as a school is to be a green school. Our approach is holistic; that is really transforming our current lifestyle to becoming more environmentally-friendly and healthy as well. Our thrust is really to live a green and healthy lifestyle to make it sustainable. Hence, we have enriched the curriculum with activities for children, teachers, and even parents for this purpose.” Bathan expresses.

In line with a growing consciousness in protecting the environment, coupled with the continued pursuit for holistic education, Children’s Paradise Montessori School (CPMS) is embarking on several eco-friendly projects and programs, as thoroughly detailed in an architectural 3D render of the ambitiously proposed 2025 building plan, entailing a significant, steadfast expansion of the school’s faculties set to accommodate a population of 400 to 500 students from Toddler to Senior High School. The Masterplan also aims to expand CPMS’ programs to open Junior High in school year 2021-2022 and Senior High two years later. 



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