Häfele Opens Newest Showroom in Banilad

Architecture, appliance, and lifestyle forge together through the past, present, and future with Häfele’s newest showroom in Cebu. Architectural hardware company Häfele officially launched their newest showroom located at One Paseo, Banilad last February 21, 2019 with Managing Director Veli-Matti Kaikkonen, Hafele Appliance Manager Efren Reyes, Senior Sales Manager for Bosch Asia-Pacific Keith Soh, Arch. James Jao, DILG Usec. Epimaco Densing, and General Sales Manager Ibarra Miguel joining in the grand event. Spanning over a century, Häfele, a German family-owned company, has created a moniker as the most trusted brand from architects to developers globally providing with the unparalleled German technology. This brand has also been in connotation to stability imported-quality items offered to the market. Being true as a global brand, Häfele has an array of brands to offer such as trademark door locks, kitchen fixtures, and bathroom accessories originating from France, Sweden, and Germany where these items can be found in foremost hotels, condominiums, shopping centers, government offices, and luxury residences with more than 37 subsidiaries including the Philippines.

From (L-R) Hafele Appliance Manager Efren Reyes, Arch. James Jao, DILG Usec. Epimaco Densing, Managing Director Veli-Matti Kaikkonen, Senior Sales Manager for Bosch Asia Pacific Keith Soh

General Sales Manager Ibarra Miguel

Senior Sales Manager for Bosch-Asia Pacific Keith Soh

Its trademark door locks, kitchen fixtures, and bathroom accessories can be spotted in hotels, condominiums, shopping centers, government offices, and luxury residences in the Philippines. This showroom carries top 4 European brands which include Häfele, La Cornue, Bosch, and Asko. This brand provides innovations with more utilized space and convenient living. Not only is Häfele serving its clientele with unrivaled service amidst the booming business in Cebu among other parts of the Visayas but it also invites architects, contractors, and developers to visit to help make their design come to life.

Southwall Magazine got a chance to have a chat with Efren Reyes and Veli-Matti Kaikkonen to talk about what's in store for Häfele.

Southwall Magazine: What's the highlight of this new showroom? ER: it's really a replica of our main showroom in Taguig. It is an expanse of about 2k square meters with all the architectural hardwares shown while the second floor is for the four major brands of appliances because there are a lot of segments of the market that we serve. Condo developers from low to high end. Residential homes. This is a miniature of that showroom and all of our showrooms features our A-Cafe.We make really good coffee. This is very much a lifestyle shop that gives you solutions on many requirements of building a modern home. Southwall Magazine: What can we expect from this showroom? VK: We are already inviting architects to come here, contractors, developers because when they see the meat of the portfolio it's easier for them to understand what we can offer because we are very much proud of our after service also that business in Cebu is booming among other parts of the Visayas. Southwall Magazine: What are the four new products that you will be introducing to the Cebuanos?

VK: We offer appliances such as LaCornue, this is a very well-known brand in France and in Europe which is very exclusive brand it comes with the cook tops and full kitchen also but here in Cebu we don't have the full-kitchen set but we have in Manila, ASCOT is a Scandinavian brand of appliances and these two are brand new. ER: We carry the most comprehensive range of appliances in the market now. Bosch is the number one selling brand in the world. Häfele gives you the entry-level and the budget-driven requirement. LaCornue is for the very distinctive in elegance and in making statement. A set of LaCornue will cost you for a million so it's not for everyone; it's a lifestyle statement. Then you have Asco, it caters customers who want their appliances work for the commercial estrablishments it has professional capabilities and it has an extra larger capacity compare to other home appliances. Southwall Magazine: What is your edge against other market competitors out there? VK: Well, of course we are now serving Cebu in a wider range with bigger portfolio that is why we are establishing this showroom. It means that the location here can show much more than the previous one. This is much bigger and appliances that we can't show before and now we have it here. This is a foot step forward! ER: One is a reputation; we are a global company. One of 80 subsidiaries all over the world. Our mother company is German. So, we have the quality, we have the price, and we have the service capability. Everything that counts. We carry the best brands in the market and that's not a claim. It reflects on the records. Nationwide, we have widest distribution and in terms of service capability, we don't rely on third parties. We train and we operate our own service centers. In terms of logistical capabilities, the prices of products that we sell in Cebu and in Davao are the same prices that we sell in Manila. In taking pride, we have many projects here that are both residential and projects by developers. We are working, with SMDC, Ayala, FederalLand, Marco Polo, and Tambuli. We had to operate here and we have to increase our capabilities here because the market is ever-growing.

Southwall Magazine: Why did you open Häfele in Cebu? ER: Cebu market has evolved by the quality of things that they buy, by the budget they put on the things that they buy, even their style and designs have evolved already. Our Cebu showrooms can sometimes outsell our Manila showrooms. Photos by Jan Kirwin Chua and Alfonso Taboada



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