• Katrina Jaiun Roa

Introducing Bag-ong Teatrong Junquera

When it comes to Cebuano history in the streets of Colon, Palm Grass Heritage Hotel will always be there to support. In partnership with the youth of Gen. Junquera Street organized a theatre group “Bag-ong Teatrong Junquera”, an organization that will help invoke the importance of the first theatre in Cebu in the 1800’s that was founded by Governor Inocencio Junquera. This group is also in partnership with universities University of the Visayas and the University of San Jose-Recoletos along with five barangays along Gen. Junquera Street - Barangay Kamagayan, Kalubihan, Cogon-Ramos, San Antonio, and Sta. Cruz. Bag-ong Teatrong Junquera officially launched their first debut project “Abtik Pas Kilat” last March 12, 2019 which is a stage play about Heneral Leon Kilat and his story on the 1898 Cebu Revolution.

The story of Abtik Pas Kilat is directed by Clouie Monsanto and Jed Nicole Alerta. tells a story about two children from Barangay Kamagayan who get transported to 1898 to meet Leon Kilat and help him in the Cebu Revolution. It stars Clouie Monsanto as Constancia. Angelo Seismundo as Leon Kilat, Jed Nicole Alerta as Nioel, Maebelle Sortones as Mabel, Brandon Sutter as Lino, Paul Stephen Pakson as Luis Flores, Vincent Ferandez as Simplicio, and John Lao as General Montero. The plot of the play was written by three youths from Barangay Kamagayan and the scriptwriter is from the University of the Philippines - Cebu theatre group UPStage.

When being asked the question “As a student, what is the experience like directing a play?” director Clouie Monsanto responds with “As a student, I have to be honest it was never easy balancing class and also directing a play. The only thing I put in mind is that I considered these two as work and a big deal. I made sure I have my time for my school duties and my duties as an actor and director. All in all I consider it stressful, but a very good one knowing I am enjoying it because I know what I did is for passion.” Bag-ong Teatrong Junquera wishes to market the play as an advocacy along with creating awareness of Cebu’s history, with a goal to invite the Cebu heritage community and promote to schools about Cebuano history. Just in time for the celebration of the 121st year of the Battle of Tres de Abril, this community play for the Cebuano youth will be shown on April 1 and 2, 2019 at the University of San Carlos - Downtown Campus Fr. Albert van Gansewinkel Hall.


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