• Christian Gregory Resaba

Introducing #TheAbacaGroup Promo Cards

Nothing in the world can beat promo cards offering free treats! In Cebu, food has been embedded in its lifestyle and culture DNA when The Abaca Group established dining concepts with premium, handcrafted, and fresh dishes for over a decade. One of Abaca’s restaurants - Red Lizard in Ayala - gathered various people from the media, Cebu’s social media influencers, and beauty queens to launch 22 promo cards which are named the ABACARDS.

These unique cards offer sumptuous and palatable dishes that are all free! Dine at any of the The Abaca Group’s restaurants - Maya, Abaca Baking Company, Red Lizard, Phat Pho, and Tavolata - and receive one of these Abacards. Hunting all the cards will never be fun without unlocking tasty treasures of Abaca such as frozen and hot coffee drinks from Abaca Baking Company to Red Lizard’s chicken taquitos, chicken hot pops, mini nachos, tacos, burritos, and queso dips along with Phat Pho’s com chien fried rice, phat cooler, banh mi sandwich, egg rolls, and phos; and Tavolata’s pasta pomodoro and hand-tossed pizza with Maya’s margarita.

Tasting heaven-on-earth the Mexican way, people attending the media huddle had got to try their delectable Mexican dishes: hot tasting tacos, Mexican dressing-drizzled chicken hot pops, and crunchy but chewy burritos in dips with thirst-quenching margarita infused with citrus-boost.

Here are the list of cards:

1. Have a brew-tiful day

2. I like you a latte

3. Keto diet? More like taquito diet!

4. Goodness in a box

5. I love you, in queso you didn’t know

6. This is nacho ordinary snack

7. Ready for that taco body?

8. Let’s get poppin

9. I like big buns, and I cannot lie

10. Thank God It’s Fry-Day!

11. It’s very rice to meet you

12. You’re a neat-o burrito

13. Sweet dreams are made of cheese

14. A rainbow a day, keeps the blues away

15. Extra rice over exercise

16. 16. Let’s keep it cool

17. You and me pho’ever

18. Happiness

19. Sun’s out, buns out

20. Pasta la vista, baby

21. #rollingpinsareforlosers

22. Te: amo quila To know more about the cards you’ll be collecting, visit www.theabacagroup.com/cards and follow @theabacagroup on Instagram. Happy eating everyone! Photos by Gelzeah Serato


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