• Katrina Jaiun Roa

Mira Beauty by Design Opens at Marco Polo

Providing the premium salon experience with pamper and comfort.

For the women and men who are looking for the best hair and nail care services, Mira Beauty by Design is the premium local salon you just need! Services from hair and style coloring, head and scalp treatments; manicures and pedicures, semi-permanent make-up and more are offered, with an experienced staff to attend to each customer’s needs. “There are times people focus so much on hair coloring that it’s also important to take care of their hair with treatment, so we offer that. We also use our hands so much and we don’t take the time to take care of it, this is where our hand treatments become helpful.”,said Johannah Mariz “Hannah” Esguerra, CEO and Beauty Director.

Mira Beauty by Design opened its very first branch at Robinson’s Galleria Cebu last December 8, 2018 and have been getting positive reviews for the services offered, especially for the hair. Last April , 2019, Mira Beauty by Design opened its second branch at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu and is now the hotel’s official in-house salon, a perfect place for travelers to get pampered. The salon is designed with comfortable BÜCE salon chairs with upholstered premium synthetic leather.

Southwall Magazine got to have a chat with Hannah Esguerra and talk about the salon’s journey along with what it has in store for us. What is Mira Beauty by Design all about? Mira Beauty by Design was named after my mother, when conceptualized the salon it was also a space where we take care of women like my mother who are always busy and on-the-go but still want to look polished. Mira is a Bisaya word which is translated to myrrh in English, which was one of three gifts to Jesus, myrrh was oil and oil is one our top products in the salon. With that, we are very much a Cebuano brand and we want to uphold that. What inspired you to open up Mira Beauty by Design here in Cebu? Going to the salon has always been a favorite past-time of my mother and I, during our visits we usually wish with things that could have been done better. When I asked my mother “Why don’t we do something that redefines salons in Cebu?” then opportunities were presented to us, I was able to find the right suppliers and we just worked on it, constant improvement by the day. It’s not just a hair salon, it’s a full premium service salon - we cater services from hair, nails, and beauty. It also took me a year to conceptualize Mira Beauty by Design. My mother and I just wanted to upgrade the standards of Cebu’s salon industry, and we try to do it by starting with us. Where do you get the products for your salon? I joined international conferences where they introduce products, and there I choose which ones to avail, we heavily invest on them and also do product research in terms of searching for the right products to use and what is great in the market. All our products are medical-graded and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved!

What kind of services do you offer that is not available in other salons in Cebu? Most salons have the usual, but here it’s the way we approach each service, we define in the way it is being processed from how we start, for example like doing a proper hair consultation before getting into the hair session, we have to check their hair history and the volume. Our priority at Mira Salon to protect the hair (which is your crowning glory), this is where we make sure to do the right process. How have the influencers and customers enjoyed the service at Mira Salon? I invited some influencers to try out the service and we had some influencers approach us and we also invited them to experience the whole thing, and we ask for an honest feedback in the long run. For the customers, we received above average to excellent reviews, and they appreciate the detail we put into every service, design, and marketing effort.

Any plans for future branches? Definitely expansion is always an option, but at the moment we would like to concentrate on improving our services and taking strengthening our core which is Cebu. One day, if the opportunity comes.



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