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Sunnie's Stylist Multi-Concept Store is Here!

The Sunnies phenomenon has found itself a permanent home in the hearts of Filipino millennials and eyewear enthusiasts alike, offering a modern yet stylish approach to the sleek and vintage physique of the eyewear trends of the past. It’s evident that this homegrown sunglasses company has established a significant positioning among Filipino fashion brands and is definitely here to stay.

It has been six years since the Sunnies team has changed the local retail game, and nowadays the brand is top of mind as a full lifestyle brand, with the addition of Sunnies Cafe and Sunnies Face further solidifying the company’s positioning as a relevant, stylish, and modern Filipino lifestyle brand. In recent times, Sunnies Studios has proven increasingly lucrative and innovative in their expansions and additions to their brand, carefully analyzing its market and observing patterns in fashion trends to conceptualize fresher, more unique ideas that resonate with its consumers.

Introducing Cup Point, Sunnie's newest coffee shop where customers can lounge and sip

On March 1, Sunnies debuted its most ambitious innovation yet- a multi-brand concept store featuring all Sunnies Brands, namely- Sunnies Studios, Sunnies Specs, Sunnies Face, and their new concept cafe called Cup Point, which offers coffee, milkshakes, and an accommodating atmosphere while you wait for your prescription eyewear. Collectively, the megastore is known as Sunnies Cebu, and is located is SM City. 

A sunglasses, optical, makeup, and coffee shop all under one roof!

The brand’s marketing team explained that, by taking the space and the opportunity for their first multi-brand concept store, they intended to give their Cebu-based fans a special treat, as the first ones to experience the full Sunnies Studios lifestyle in a single space. Each concept has its own designated area, but the idea is for guests to come in, try on different products, and hang out. Sunnies Studio’s seamless crossover is now open for all to enjoy, and ready to serve you!

Cute jelly pouches and starter packs to help keep your specs and sunglasses kept safe

Stunning sisters Georgina and Jessica Wilson of Sunnies Studio posing for the camera

(L-R) Jessica Wilson, Eric Dee Jr., Bea Soriano-Dee, Georgina Wilson, and Martine Cajucom


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