Bantayan: Passion, Devotion, Tradition is a 160-page book on 27 processional tableaux or pasos that depict scenes and personages from the Passion and Death of Christ. Every Holy Thursday and Good Friday, these life-size images carved in wood are processioned in Bantayan, Cebu in a tradition that has been practiced for generations, placing the town on the map of both tourists and devotees. The spectacle of large carrozas or processional carriages bearing these images has drawn thousands to the island and yet no book has ever been written and published about them until now.

The author, Dr. Clodoveo Nacorda, has documented not only the history and artistry behind these pasos but also the deep devotion of the people of Bantayan and the traditions that have accompanied the Holy Week observance in this ancient town.

With images by accomplished photographers Fr. Jun Rebayla, SVD and Mark Andrew Jorolan, as well as period photographs, the story of Bantayan’s pasos is now finally told. 


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    Copyright: 2016


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