Written by Lucien Y. Letaba, HAIYAN AFTERMATH: Images and Stories of Recovery in Samar and Leyte is a coffee table book that tries to revisit the most talked-about tragedy in recent recorded disaster history, two years after it hit land, in a more positive point of departure - by knowing how current efforts towards recovery and rebuilding are taking shape among the areas affected by the mayhem.

Accompanied by compelling images taken by the expert lensing of three featured photographers, the book is a fresh attempt to identify the programs and activities that were undertaken in the emergency post-disaster period as well as highlighting the recovery and rebuilding agenda from all stakeholders in the typhoon’s aftermath.

The book’s literary DNA spins around the inspiring recovery stories - big and small, revealing some inescapable life-changing compromises and turning-point decisions made by individuals and families as they lived each day in dubious crescendo with nothing to cling on but their indefatigable spirit for survival and faith.


Haiyan The Aftermath

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    Copyright: 2016
    ISBN: 978-971-539-081-1


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